Sunday, February 4

Ditch the Deadhead

Transfer window news for me and Joseph Barry Heaney.

I have decided to ditch the following deadheads...


England International, Luke Young who is being wasted at Charlton. Sorry Luke but this is business.


England International, Scott Parker. Well done for bagging me some points but sorry mate, just not enough.


Oxfam International, Andrei Shevchenko. Weren't you pretty good once mate?

(Thats 142 points for the spreadsheet please Pete!)

In come three superstars destined to make me £40 richer in May this year.

Wayne Bridge, Frank Lampard and, the Man, the Myth, the Legend...Leroy Lita.

I think you'll find I have just won the competition following this weekends results so please send your fivers in this direction.

So for Mr JBH out go Ballack, Riggott and Delaney (70pts in the bag - not enough for JBH) and in come Carew, Terry and Campbell.


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