Sunday, February 11


This is officially the 2000th post on the Wallet.

As a special treat for you, our loyal reader, we went to the Eston Recreation Grounds (the Rec) today to do a "BW hit the crossbar challenge 2000th post special".

After much planning, we arrived at the aforementioned Rec. It was like a bog, a bog filled with soggy slippy brown shitty mud. After much sliding about we got on with the job in hand.

A bog.

We found that we couldn't actually propel the ball from the halfway line to the goal, never mind onto the crossbar. So, we revised our plans and stood, unambitiously, on the edge of the penalty area. Still we failed.

Success! Once.

Well, except Phil, who pinged one effortlessly onto the bar with his first crack, but then injured himself on the excessively over inflated ball supplied by KG. It was like a fucking cannon ball.

"It wasn't like this at the Riverside."

After much slipping, sliding, cursing and concrete-ball-induced yelping, we called it a day. Phil had already give up and gone, not disguising his limp very well at all.


I sit here typing this with a heavily bruised foot, and I still have the taste of mud in my mouth. A general failure to capture any great moments. So we've put the special treat on hold till next week, when we have the following:
  • My trip to Amsterdam.
  • Mikey learning to ride a bike, at last.
  • The big birthday bash in the town.
We'll be back soon.

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Mike Heaney said...

Check Youtube for crap videos. They would have been good with A PROPER CAMERA!!!!

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