Thursday, February 1

1996 - Some Random Stuff

1996 being the total number of posts that is.

So here's some random stuff I add to my favourites and never get round to blogging. And why youtube is brilliant.

Here we have Urban Sprinting....

Here we have a fat kid on a theme park ride nearly falling out....

I died laughing when I watched this as we had just been to Flamingo Land in the summer and well it reminds me of me on the pirate ship. Yes, the pirate ship.

Here we have the greatest hattrick ever.

A class optical illusion...CLICK

Current classic bit of music clip that i keep l;istening to repeatedly....

And a couple of songs of the moment.

The View - Same Jeans

Mika - Grace Kelly

Just Jack - Starz in their Eyes

And there we have it, more random stuff very soon!!


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