Monday, January 22

Song Exchange

As myself and KG are prone to totally ripping the piss out of each other and ourselves for our amusement and to build character (honest!), here is a sample of a exchange of texts following the latest craze...

Take a song (Pop/Rock/Football Terrace) and rip the piss...

Pinball Wizard - The Who (from KG to me)

When Mikey was a young man, he ate a lot of crisps
From French Fries to Monster Munch his favourtie pack were skips
I aint seen nothing like it and nothing near it since
You big fat c**t Mikey
Sure ate a whole lotta crisps

My Generation - The Who (me to KG)

People try to put him down (talking bout my mate Keith Groves)
Just because he's fat and round (talking bout my mate Keith Groves)
He gets through ten meals a day (talking bout my mate Keith Groves)
Tops it off with a huge BK (talking bout my mate Keith Groves)

A Hard Days Night (me to KG again)

It's been a hard days night
And Keiths been eating like a dog
He's had Pedigree and Winalot
And now he's gonna drop a log
And when he left work today
He went straight to BK
And now he feels alright

Another Brick in the Wall (KG retaliates in style)
We don't need no education
Hey Mikey!!
Leave those kids alone

Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand (I get one back)

They call him Keith Groves
He's huge don't ya know
I say - bellies out!!

Ronaldo Song

He drinks down Redcar
He drinks down the town
My mate Mikey Heaney
Is a big fucking clown!!
Jip Jaap Stam
Fat Keith Groves is a big fat lad
Upset him and he'll get mad
Never take the mick of his two inch dick
Fat Keith, Keith Groves


Peter Heaney said...

Ha, excellent! I bet Lennon and McCartney never thought of rhyming 'dog' with 'log'. Oh no, hang on, they did. But it didn't mean shit did it? Did it? No, it didn't.

'Today' and 'BK' is the work of a genius though. You sir, are superb

Mike Heaney said...

Well excuse me Morrissey. When you've got 200 of your own songs written down, come and have a go.

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