Wednesday, January 17

Not Very Well

Alright chiefs? I'm not. I've succumbed to a nasty bout of tonsillitis again. For the second time in a month.

For those of you in the know, thanks for the sympathy. For those of you who think "Fat twat, it's only a sore throat!" well, fuck you.

I mean, have a look at this; it's almost a carbon copy of my own throat at the moment. Well, not a carbon copy, my white spots are much smaller, and my tongue is pink.

While you're here, check out the Wikipedia entry. Not too bad, until it mentions people dying, not least George Washington. It killed George Washington but I'm dealing with it - with Lemsip. I must be invincible.

No, I'm not getting them out. Certainly not since friend-of-the-wallet Clairsey Murks needed a blood transfusion when getting hers out. Her Singstar voice has never been the same.

Anyway, "get well soon" cards are most welcome, as is Lucozade and bunches of grapes. Cheers.


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