Tuesday, November 28

Xmas mash Up

I was going to do "A Little Wallet Xmas Treat", but there's no way in this world I can top these.

Click here and scroll down quite a way for some excellent Xmas mash up action from DJ Riko.

These are superb, spot on for a CD in the car.

Sunday, November 26

The BW Crisp-and-Dry Fantasy Soccer

Update time chiefs!

1 Mike Heaney 547
2 Joanne Heaney 521
3 Dale and Emma Miller 519
4 KG Jnr 511
5 Graham Newton 497
6 Peter Heaney 477
7 KG Snr 453
8 Joe Heaney 292
9 Annette Newton 235

Doesn't include Satda's or Sunda's games, due to the Sun newspaper's non existant work ethic.

Wednesday, November 22

Chic Rock

We do go to some nice places when we are out don't we!!!

Click Rock

Sunday, November 19

Deja Vu

Have you seen the trailer for this? What's the crack like?

Deja Vu

Have you seen the trailer for this? What's the crack like?

Friday, November 17

For Joanne's Benefit

Tuesday, November 7

"Now then Manhead!"

More Tintin. Awesome stuff.

Tintin 6

Tintin 7

Tintin 8

Saturday, November 4

The BW Deep Heat Fantasy Footy 2006/2007

1 Dale and Emma Miller 419
2 KG Jnr 410
3 Joanne Heaney 392
4 Mike Heaney 392
5 KG Snr 387
6 Graham Newton 364
7 Peter Heaney 360
8 Joe Heaney 184
9 Annette Newton 175

A long, long way to go yet. But still, go on the Millers!

Friday, November 3

Tintin is actually from Boro

Class some of these videos. Clicky.

Thursday, November 2

You Tube

Anyone noticed that since Google bought it shed loads of videos aren't there anymore? Bastards.

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