Wednesday, July 26

A few of my favourite things - July


Muse - SuperMassiveBlackHole

Muse finally live up to their early promise.

Plan B - Who Needs Actions When you've Got Words?

The new Eminem, and British to boot. Expertly rhymes 'Jesus' with 'Maltesers'. Magic.

The Pipettes - We are the Pipettes

Imagine, if you will, an alternate reality where Bananarama were sent back in time to nick all of the best songs of the time, update them to the 21st century, and make pop music that even God himself dreams about. Incredible pop choons with a 60's twist.

The Guillemots - Through the Window Pane

Listening as I type this, 1.5 tracks down and it's one of the best albums I've ever heard. After a superb orchestral intro, when I thought things couldn't get any better, when I thought I'd seen it all - it started to rain.


Stewart Lee - Stand Up Comedian

On Paramount early in July, a master of comedy at work, with jokes about 9/11, Princess Di and how Braveheart was a puff - in front of a Glaswegian audience.

Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure

On paramount as well, and Frank Skinner Live unwatched on the SKY+. Story telling at it's finest. Gorman would be a supreme drinking buddy.

The F Word

Top Gear with food.

Top Gear

The F Word with cars.


Batman Begins

But of course everyone has seen it already. I'm so last year.


Killzone - PS2

Picked up for £4.99 in the Boro, and a mighty fine fiver if ever there was one. Blokes with orange eyes get blasted. American accents abound, despite the alien world setting. A minor annoyance though. FOR A FIVER!

Tuesday, July 25

Chris and Alex's Big Day

Click here for some photos that don't involve farting in peoples faces.

And congrats to the happy couple, and also big thanks for a lovely (if slightly sweaty) day!

Cheers chiefs!

Saturday, July 15

Thick Geordie Bastard


Thursday, July 13

Flash Sudoku

For those quiet moments at work: here!

Tuesday, July 11


Words of wisdom from Big Ron.

I defy you not to piss yourself.

EDIT: And even funnier!

For example:

What a goal. What a goal! Straight through the legs of Adams, it flew towards the roof of the net like a Wurlitzer! I mean, like a ... howitzer!

A Wurlitzer is a type of jukebox.

Monday, July 10

Of course........

Now Zizou has jacked it in professionally, he might be tempted to have that kick about in the Rainbow Centre on a Friday night.

What d'ya reckon boys? Shall we see what he's made of?

Friday, July 7

Another quality video.

Showing Boro's amazing highlights from last season.

A season no Boro fan will ever forget.

Click here for "Goosepimples"

Thursday, July 6

Absolute Madness

Another YouTube effort chiefs, not a personal one this time, found it today. No embedded window either, they tend to make things a bit ugly, so clicky the linky:

Phil hated being late for work,

But couldn't keep up with Kathryn.

"Lampard's due a goal...."

Oh, Frank.....

I remember when he was plain old Frank Lampard Junior.

He wouldn't have missed then.

Monday, July 3

Bollocks to England

This is what really matters.

Truly superb memories from last season, and a fantastic video.

From Youtube, via FMTTM.

Sunday, July 2

The Big Wedding Spectacular

Some better photos here.

And of course, a huge set of Burnley Wallet CONGRATULATIONS to Anne and Paul who tied the knot yesterday, in a lovely ceremony at the Sporting Lodge.

Edit; and here, thanks to Mike, are some more of those ones.

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