Monday, September 25

Ruby's Christening

Well it was a bit of a wild one!!

We pilfered the Marton Country Club, got booted out from the Brunton Arms, were refused service in the Rudds and well tore the Southern Cross to bits.

Here's some piccies on my Flickr and my personal fave...

Just How Fast is a F1 Car?

Well, take a look; he is still losing on the last corner, but.......well, you'll see.

The Finlays the Newsagent BW Fantasy Footy

1 KG Jnr 184
2 Mike Heaney 181
3 KG Snr 178
4 Peter Heaney 173
5 Graham Newton 172
6 Joanne Heaney 168
7 Dale and Emma Miller 153
8 Joe Heaney 86
9 Annette Newton 59

Lineker: "A burst to the front there Mark, from the big lad?"
Lawrenson: "Shut it, jug-ears."
Lineker: "Fair do's."

B3ta, Natch

Saturday, September 23

¡Ponga la evidencia en el coche!

And, by way of apology - this, this, and this.

Funniest Thing on TV

That Mitchell and Webb Look on Beeb 2, Thursday's 9.30pm. Get it watched.

For Sale!

Me old mobile is up for grabs here. Get bidding now. It's not too scratched, honest.

Tuesday, September 19

Pope Benedict

Who's he think he is, Chubby Brown?


I'm sure like me you are starting to become a fan of this Kasabian mob, here's the video of their latest release, Empire...

But the finest part of their career so far has to be this...

That is some goal!!

Fantasy Footy Videprinter

1 KG Snr 157
2 KG Jnr 147
3 Mike Heaney 137
4 Peter Heaney 132
5 Joanne Heaney 125
6 Dale and Emma Miller 118
7 Graham Newton 116
8 Joe Heaney 69
9 Annette Newton 36

Monday, September 18

A Little Treat From the Wallet

From Me to You, Whoever You Are..........

Click the link to go to the storage thingy, then click the right looking links to download it (67Mb-ish), chiefs:

A Little Treat From the Wallet

Now, listen carefully; this is a few MP3's carefully selected by myself for your listening pleasure. It's a bit of a mix (not a mix as in a mix, if you see what I mean, more an eclectic selection than a series of songs loosely held together by beat matching, witchcraft and whatnot.)

There's all sorts in there. Acid house, hip-hop, drum and bass, songs you might know and songs you certainly haven't heard before. And hey, if you don't like it, it was free for fuck's sake. But surely you'll like at least one song. If you don't, you have no heart.

The tunes come packaged seductively in a zip file, which, Windows XP users out there, your PC should be able to deal effortlessly with. If not, then try downloading WinRAR or it's slightly more pay-as-you-play twin, WinZip. I think you know what to do after that.

Oh, and the songs are accompanied by a lil' M3U file, which (all being well) will put the songs in the right order (decided by me).

Anyway, merry September and let me know what you think.


I would willingly give a "Spit Roast" to get shot of the most annoying illness going. It's not excrutiating pain, it's not an ache or twinge, it's just there making me sound like a deaf retard.

A Spit Roast you ask? That would be two Ayrton's and a Lady.

All explained here!!!

Friday, September 15

The BW (Let Me Be Your) Fantasy Football

Sponsored by Baby D

1 Mike Heaney 126
2 Peter Heaney 112
3 Joanne Heaney 108
4 KG Snr 107
5 KG Jnr 105
6 Graham Newton 91
7 Dale and Emma Miller 67
8 Joe Heaney 55
9 Annette Newton 21

A tremendous Saha and Rosicky inspired run to the top there from me!

Doesn't include Thurdays games, natch.

Wednesday, September 13

Some New Photos

Here's some new photos and a never before seen one of KG at the UEFA Cup Final...

Robbie Hislop, Chris and KG.

The Doc "posing".

KG experimenting with his cranium.

More random photos soon.

Tuesday, September 12

BW Fantasy Futból 2006/2007 Primera Liga

A leap to the front from a Ronaldo inspired Mike, who still has Gerrard, Rooney and Henry to come into form! The two KG's surely copying, and a definite gap has appeared between the also rans and the main contenders! EXCITEMENT MOUNTS!

1 Mike Heaney 124
2 Joanne Heaney 101
3 KG Snr 98
4 KG Jnr 96
5 Graham Newton 83
6 Peter Heaney 75
7 Dale and Emma Miller 59
8 Joe Heaney 37
9 Annette Newton 21

Let off some steam here!

Monday, September 4

Sgt. Pepper

A truly great album. A truly memorable cover.

Just who can you see?

RIP Steve Irwin

Tell ya what there are some funny people out there...

Click the pic for big.

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