Wednesday, June 30

Betting - A Mugs Game?

We haven't had a drink. Promise.

We've opened a betting account each, and deposited ten bucks in each.

We will come back at the end of the week (ie Friday if you please chaps) to get a run down on how much we've won/lost/frittered away.

Thoughts and Stuff

Now then chaps. Since this is perhaps the geeks version of doing a car up, see if you can make some sense of this article Mr P. W. Heaney.

I'm positive the site can have a musical background, that would be a cool feature. And of course Lily and her "impressive baps" as Pete so eloquently put it is on hand with thumbnail tips. Though why we want a manicure is beyond me. Ho-ho!

What would our regular readers think to a template change? You know where to comment.

So I've decided to take up Beatlism as my new religion, all makes perfect sense to me. There are some strange people about isn't there.

Smashed my head with my car door tonight. Actually took me a minute to regain where I was and who I was! Nearly knocked me out. Right in the wars this past few days after me run in with the Truck doors yesterday (a truck door hit me in the back at very high speed). First one to complete Roadies gets a free drink on the rich man - me. Cheers for the £80 Mr Groves. I like a man who pays his debts.


So I played footy last night.

It amounted to me nearly getting crippled by an onrushing goal keeper, letting a throw in go through my legs, nutmegging a bald fella and taking 2 of the worst corners in western europe.

Came off at half time to be replaced by what appeared to be Shaun Ryder's skinny brother.

Lemmings with Roadies

Great game.

School Stories

In CDT (Craft Design and Technology for all you acronym freaks out there) once upon a time, I saw a belt sander majestically soar off a workbench and leave a 2 metre long trail as smooth as a babies arse on the newly varnished floor. It would still be going now but for the inadequacies of the power cable.

It sort of resembled one of those weird programmable tank things you could get years ago.

Hilarity prevailed. Or did it? Or DID it? OR DID IT?

Yes, it did.

Tuesday, June 29

Me unit total.

Tonights the night........No seriously, I havce consumed 7 pints of Stella Artois, which is strong lager, am I entitled to more than 2 Units a pint, considering its stella??

If not I have had 14 units so far this week!

What have you Kids Bellies had??

Chit Chat

Will Peter be able to move again after his magnificent effort for Brian "I'm blind in one eye, but I still play in goal" Millers football team this evening? I seriously doubt it but full marks for being bold enough to get down there and give it some on the astroturf. Oooh, matron.

Keith secured 14 units on the Drinks-o-meter tonight. Does he score bonus points for it being on a school night?

7 pints of Stella Artois. The lads liver must be knocking 50 year old now.

Been wracking me brains for school memoirs that featured the big guy KG himself. I need them e-mails...tell me you still have them?! Glad the Soldering Iron story amused you. I've got the true classics safely etched in my mind forever. I'm sure Pete's got a shedload of school memoirs we've never heard.

The Burnley Wallet phenomenon steadily grows, the word is spreading, from Milwaulkee to Florida and even to Billingham (asked a lad at work to have a look the other day, he had nowt but good things to say). You know, the railway only went from Stockton to Darlington to begin with. We've reached the US already.

And finally, can't believe I haven't posted this yet but this is my own site...Heaney's Rambling.

First of all..................

A massive and huge CONGRATULATIONS to Pete and Joanne, who, as you will no doubt already know are due to get married next year. Them 2 are made for each other and I wish yas both the very best for the happy years to come.

So Mikey as best man, where are we gunna hold the Stag weekend to end all stag weekends?? This will ROCK!!!!

No doubt it will be truly awesome!

So after work today I decided to go for a couple of pints of Stella, well a few turned into about 7!

A wish the hog's Head didn't produce such fine STELLA!

Can't believe its only Tuesday, that's 3 days until were off, but hopefully a Blackpool reunion this weekend!

Pete Playing football..........AGAIN...........I hope the ambulance is on stand by!

Mikey blowing up the soldiering Iron..........That was so funny....No doubt over the weeks and months ahead there will be numerous school memories that will be mentioned.

I have an admirer who was scared of that scary optical illusion...........Or well one born every day!

Anyhow hats off to the future Mr and Mrs Peter Heaney, can't imagine a more perfect couple!

P.s I'm pissed!

C'est La Vie

Here's our latest Internet associate I've come across in our quest for Internet domination. She's a lovely lass who's willing to help us out in turning our site from "bland" to "half-decent".

C'est La Vie

Happy Days


Just noticed the lovelies over at "Strap-ons in Jeans" are from Fonzarelli land, Milwaulkee, Wisconsin.


Because I'm's the theme tune.

And here's the Fonz.

Soldering Iron

Well, I've run out of things to blog! How about a classic school memoir?

Way back in second year at the tender age of 12, myself and Keith , fellow Blogee, were taught the intracacies of soldering wires to other wires and microchips etc. Well away we went. Prone to silliness at times we kind of let the rules slip and after about my third or fourth failed attempt I decided the put the iron down on the desk rather than its spring holster to save a bit of time.

Anyway about two minutes elapsed before a huge bang and flash of light sent me and Keith flying!

The teacher ran over, Mr Riley, a true Maccum, "Wor Michael, whats going on son, ya alreet?"

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine."

"What happened?!"

"Well were just soldering this and it just...went...pop!"

Apparently, having left the iron on the desk, a fact kept well out of Mr Rileys reach, it melted through the wire casing and hit the live bit, scaring the shit out of me and Keith!

Eeeeh, those were the days. I get the feeling Keith might laugh a bit at this.


An almighty congratulations to Peter and Joanne!

Football, Tuesday Night......

As the dreaded hour draws ever closer, I can feel my heart writing it's last will and testament. So, hopefully a hat trick in the first twenty minutes allowing me to be subbed by a more 'defensively minded' player. How hard can it be? Even I can play twenty minutes.

Big Announcement

I'd just like to announce that the rumours are true, myself and Joanne will be getting married next year, hopefully on April 30th.

I'd like to thank mine and Joanne's parents for not flipping out in any way, shape or form when they heard the news.

I'd also like to thank Mikey for agreeing to be my best man and Dale and Phil for agreeing to be ushers. Cheers lads.

Monday, June 28

Whats wrong with this pic??

This may be old and if you have already seen it apologeez!

Bunch of fat blokes singing and dancing

Click Here

Get him sacked.

Lets give this the full backing of the Burnley Wallet.


74 Hits

We'll be on TOTP soon. Who are our mystery readers?

Wedding photos

Put a couple of wedding photos on the upload site. Just realised that I'm not in any of them!

Sunday, June 27


b. February 22nd 1999 d. June 27th 2004

I regret to inform you but the fish bought for me as a "silly" present on my 16th birthday all those five years ago has sadly died. I'm not too sure what it was called but it hasn't lasted as long as Itchy and Scratchy the two goldfish who are still alive and kicking and managed to do enough to earn themselves names.

Having asked my mother what his name was, and I'm not sure if this was just agreed because it was the only thing I could think of, apparently it was called Casper, because it was a ghost fish. How original.

Casper began life at Dogsbody's, Estons premier pet shop. In fact its only pet shop. Bought as a joke, he spent his life in a 15 x 8 x 8 inch tank in the corner of the dining room, spending most of his time deciding whether to swim left or to swim right or two attack the other two fish and then forgetting it just a moment later. He'd seen all kinds of stones, weeds and even a little porcelain tower and every 3 months or so he'd go on holiday to the kitchen sink so his home could be cleaned out.

His heart was broken when he realised the love he once received had been been passed on to the latest acquisition of Goldie, the canary and as today has proved, he never got over that moment.

Gone but not forgotten, rest in peace Casper.

Sunday night.......

Back to work tomorrow. Don't want to go.


In a fit of foolishness, I drunkenly agreed to resurrect my shambolic football career.

In a haze of Redbull, I remember telling somone that I was a 'midfield general'. I haven't kicked a ball in anger for at least 7 months, and don't exactly eat salad a lot.

However, I can still lug my considerable frame around for a bit, I don't think it's a question of being thin. Take Steven Hawking for example. Built like a washing line, but totally shit at footy. I reckon I could take him at most sports, except maybe wheelchair races. But that's only assuming he can't put a turbo on his chair.

But I'd never beat that big fat geezer at darts. He's mint.

So there you go. Try being skinny and athletic if you must, but I like to eat food and have a stomach the size of West Yorkshire. I might die ten years before those healthy eaters, but I won't have to worry about Alzheimers will I?

Gets boring after about 10 seconds

click here

Drinks League

The Beer league wouldn't work, as Groves consumes alcohol on a nightly basis, whereas I only drink once a week.

That's why my body is a temple.


My Drinks-o-meter total for the wedding I attended, which believe it or not was £2.75 a pint. £3.50 for a Smirnoff Ice, was 20 units of lager and 12 units of Smirnoff Ice.

A grand total of 32 units. Are we going to do weekly tables or will that just encourage Grovesy into becoming a fully blown alcoholic?

"Hean, I'm going to the pub, hic. I wanna be top of the, hic, league."


I've knocked some photos of us dashing chaps up, you can peruse them here. Hopefully.


I've sussed out images and how we put them in, but using the method you've chosen Pierre we'll have to stick to links because the image appears in a frame rather than its own window.

Wedding night in the ' NEW' Whale Hill Social Club

Well. What can I say.

First, official Burnley Wallet congrats to Tony and Debbie Lane for tying the knot. May they have many happy years together.

Right. The beer total. I think we should go on a scale of units:

1 pint Lager/Beer = 2 units
1 Glass of Wine = 2 Units
1 Alcopop = 1 and a half Units
Single spirit = 1 unit.

So a double vodka redbull is the same as a pint. Comment if you disagree, but this is the medical way of doing it.

I had (I think):

2 Pints of Lager = 4 units
5(ish) single Vodka Redbulls = 5 units
4(ish) double Vodka Redbulls = 8 units
1 Complementary Whisky chaser = 1 unit

Then went home for an hour, had a glass of coca cola and a ham sarnie.

Went back to the party. Only me there. Texted dickfingers to sort his ass out, and drank from then:

4 Smirnoff ice = 6 units
Another 5 or so double Vodka Redbull = 10 units.

So we're talking 34 units +/- 3 to be totally sci-fi about it all.
The healthy limit for a week is 28. To be consumed in a week. NOT ONE DAY!

Only jokin.

This is the run down of Tony and Debbie Lanes, Wedding night do thingy.

It was held in "The New Whale Hill social Club" where the lager was very nice and at a well low price of £1.70.

After getting a text from pierre saying get yaself out man, i decided to go, afterall I did go to his Stag weekend, as mentioned in previous posts.

Got there at around 7.15pm, to find most of the group well pissed!

Gotta say Pete, Joanne was well gone!

Had a couple of games of pool, with Pete, Russ and Stevie, I was on fire, altho I was the only sober one!

After Pool, mingled with the group, then Totsy arrived, he looked as tho he had been attacked by a stapler, apparantly he fell over and smashed his head on the kitchen work top! OUCH!!!! Split his head right open.

Peter then decided to baffle us with his now infamous Foster beer mat trick! Still not sure how this works!

After this all the lads decided to invade the dance floor, we were in a circle (which I have renamed the "Circle of Death") we then took it in turns to do our own little individual dance in the middle of the aforementioned circle. Note: I made a fool of myself with my sheer lack of dancing ability.

After all that exercise i was knackered so we all sat back down, when the whiskey came round, after knocking back 2, i felt sick (no change there then lads eh?) so i went to the toilet, altho i DIDN'T spew. When coming out of the toilet a mole kindly informed me that my drink had been vicously spiked with about 5 Whiskey's!

Oh well you only live once.

Starts to get a bit hazy around this time, think we left the club about 11.30pm, when we were outisde a rendition of E-I-O burst out between me, Tom , and Stevie!

Great night had by all.

Cant wait to read Pete's, he was there all day!!!!

Satda Night.

Went out.


Pete the IT wizard around here has set us up a photo library type thing so here's waiting on the wedding photos!! I've seen some on the camera.....excellent!!

Saturday, June 26

To Pete and Keith



That is one seriously bad and hard game. First one to score gets a free pint on me. Please provide proof in the form of a screen-cap.

Classic Fawlty Towers Quotes

Oh what a terrible dream!!

Can you kick it like Roberto Baggio?

Free kick game

Lets all laugh at the Geordies!!

Newcastle have moved quickly to halt rumours of a rift between Bobby Robson and Alan Shearer.
A club spokesman said, "It's ridiculous to suggest that there is a personality clash between the two - everybody at the club knows that Shearer hasn't got one."

Why do Geordie Supporters have Moustaches?
A: So they can look like their Mothers.

Q: What do Toon fans and laxatives have in common?
A: Both irritate the absolute crap out of you.

Pac man with a difference


Light hearted football relief



Well Tony Lane will be married by now.

Al never forget his Stag Weekend, Truely Awesome, Blackpool 2004 will live long in the memory.

Someone else needs to get married so we can all do it again!

If it wasnt for the total lack of money, I would be at the reception do tonight!

Apologeez Tone!

Its a Classic

McClaren buys a new Kosovan striker to help the smoggies reach safety in the league. It turns out that his debut is against United in the FA Cup. The lad plays and scores a hat trick and after the game runs to the dressing room to phone his mum.

"Mam, mam, I LOVE it here ! I scored a hat trick against United, the crowd were cheering my name, everyone loves me, it's great !!!"

She replies "Well I'm glad you're f*****g happy. Do you realise your sister's been raped, you're Dad's been shot, and the house has been burnt down, and it's all your fault!"

"How is it my fault?" he replies.

"You moved us to Middlesbrough!"

Soul Mate

Having clicked "Don't read them" on Keiths profile under Books, seems you have a fellow compatriate squire.

Friday, June 25

Still Devoed!!!!!!

Well its almost 24hrs after the final whistle, I've eventually calmed down after 7 pints of stella. (i had to take half a day to get over the dissapointment).

So close yet so far.

We were robbed, everyone in the club was jumping up and down when Sol Campbell scored it wasn't until a good 45 seconds after he had scored did we realised it had been disallowed.

So 2-2 after extra time, the dreaded penalty shoot out, I text Mikey saying "Memories of France 98 Here, i told him to tell me to shut up and fuck off, he did". But to no avail.

Beaten on pennas yet again, how many times is this??

How shit was our so called captain??

Why didnt Vassell score??

Its all ifs and buts but it still hurts!

We had a great tournament, Campbell showed he is the best centre half in the world, Ashley Cole was Awesome, Frank Lampard keeps getting better and better, and Wayne Rooney well what can we say he lit up Euro 2004 for me, the lad is only 18, he is World class!

So another tournament and another disappointment, we should be used to it being England fans but it still hurts!

Roll on the start of The Premiership 2004/2005 season, when BORO march on to European glory!

Red Army!

Early Finish

Half three finish?

On a Friday?

Can't be bad. I wonder how pissed Mikey is by now......

Get the booze into you this weekend people, cheap beer in the Whale Hill tomorrow!

Respect to the girls at Strappleberries and Cream for linking to the Wallet.

Respect to Groves for taking all of the Ruxpin stuff in good nature.

Respect to Mikey for going to 2 weddings in 2 days.

Respect to the boss for going home at half 2 so I could sneak off at half 3.

Have a good weekend. I know I will!

England v Portugal, the morning after......

Should I ever meet Rui Costa, Helder Postiga or Ricardo, then rest assured that I will knock shit out of them.

After the match finished I spent five minutes trying to find out if there was a Potuguese Embassy in the town. Alas, there wasn't, and it's windows remain intact.

Thursday, June 24

England v Portugal, five minutes or so of calming down later.......


Lost on penalties.

Been there before.

But there are bigger things in the world. 80 people died in Iraq today. It's only a game. Life goes on. The world keeps turning. Night follows day. Winter follows autumn.

And Cristiano Ronaldo's still shit. Come on Czech Republic! You're our only hope now!

We'll be back: Germany 2006.

England vs Portugal

Crying as I type....the most emotional game I've seen.

England v Portugal, After the end of the penalties


Words cannot convey what I'm feeling right now.

So I won't try.

England v Portugal, That Little Rest Before Extra Time.......

No way can I watch this.


Think its a good time to start this whole monitoring drinkin-a-ninge type thing. So you weirdo's who can actually watch the match with other people take a note of your ale intake.

Prediction Mr Groves if you will for the amount of lager you will consume tonight at £1 a pint?

On Saturday I had 9 pints of lager and two Raspberry Red Square alcypops.

£1 a pint anyone?

So with this huge game less than 2 hrs away, where will we be all watching it??

I will be in the Eston Tute where the Lager is £1.00 a pint, thats right Pete £1.00. On Monday it was £0.85p.

AL be in there with our Dad and Chris and other members of the Groves clan. Gotta get there early to get a good seat.

Come on ENGLAND!!

Wednesday - 2 Hours till Kick Off

Getting Panicky now.

The beers have gone in the fridge, The England shirt is on and predictions have been shooting round work.

Generally people are going for 2-1. I'll have that then. Lampard first, then Nuno Gomes to equalise for the Portu-geezers late doors. Then Owen to win it in the first half of extra time.


The Biggee!

Well here it is lads.

Am almost too nervous to type, am far too nervous to make a precition just got everything crossed for an England victory.

Couldnt give a shit if its the worst game ever but we scrape thru with an O.G!

These big major competitions are great arnt the? Espeically when England are doing well, it brings to whole country together.


Wednesday, June 23

Wednesday Night

As Big Thursday rapidly approaches like a big rapid approachy thing, panic on the streets of Carlisle as the whole of England realises that Luis Figo will be man marked by Gary Neville.

As in Euro 2000 when the aforementioned Portu-geezer ran riot and took us to bits ON HIS OWN.

However, Fernando Couto marking the Roon-ster? Nice.

Got to be game of the tournament.


No more tedious film link nonsense please Mike, we could all do without that.

Stick to footy, booze and internet nonsense for now eh?


I have seen....wait for it.....60 fully that I would be able to explain, analyse give a plot for etc. and about another 30 odd briefly as a child or never all the way through. Must watch more films Groves, they are just brilliant some of them. What on Earth is Shichinin Samurai? Anyone?

By the way KG, you saw To Kill a Mockingbird over several months whilst in English at Senior school.

Il buono, il bruto, il cattivo is The Good, the Bad and the Ugly starring Clint. Great film. And C'era un volta il West is Once Upon a Time in the West....another classic but not as good as the former. Now Once Upon a Time in America...don't get me starte don that...what the hell does the ending mean? After 3 hours I couldn't take anymore!

Keith, where's Dumb and Dumber? Are you gutted? Groundhog Day made it. Where's Total Recall and Commando? What about the first Rambo? Human Traffic? 8 Heads in a Duffel Bag? OMG! Where's Casino? Its as good as Goodfellas. Finding Nemo made it but Pinnocchio never....whats up with that?

Here's some films from my collection that never made it (please correct me if I missed them)..

Catch Me if you Can
Clear and Present Danger
Donnie Brasco
Easy Rider
Enter the Dragon
Falling Down

How can't these films be in there? They are all superb. They have to be close to the top 250, especially Deliverance, Enter the Dragon and Scarface. How did Pirates of the Carribean get in ahead of any of the films listed above?

Oh and I own 43 of the ones I've seen on DVD. I know my good films me like.

Mikey's link of the 250 greatest film.

Out the top 250 of the list how many have you seen??

Mine is a pittiful 23, Man I should watch more films.

Here is the list again

Germany V Czech Rep

Come on the Czech's, dont want them Germans thru.

Altho the Czech's are already thru and have been playing very well, they may rest players espeically the influential Pavel Nedved.

Any how I'm going for a 1-1 draw.

Holland will scrape passed Latvia 2-1 and knock the Germans out!

Would ya?

Finger a chicken??

First game predictor!

Away then lads, the fixtures are released tomorrow so who do we think Boro and Man Utd will get?

For Boro I reckon Crystal Palace Away

Man Utd I reckon home to Charlton.


Find it so amusing that Keith's born in the year of the close!!

Great News

Middlesbrough have sold Michael "wide arse" Ricketts to Leeds Utd. Subject to a medical, the daft twat will go and fail his medical you watch!

The Rat Joke

You did ask...

Three rats in a pub, had a few pints, and anyway they get on to talking about how tough each one of them is.

The first rat pipes up, "Now then lads, I was down in the pipework last night having a mooch about when I saw this great big piece of rat poison in the corner. I felt a bit peckish so I fucking ate it straight down. Got up this morning, shat it out whole, I feel great."

The second rat interrupts, "Thats bollocks, rat poison is part of every tough rats staple diet. Last week, I was in the kitchen and I spies a big lump of cheese on a trap. I walks over, takes a bite and WHAM! The trap swung over. But, me being me, the metal simply simply bent around my spine. I ate the cheese, lifted the trap off and went to bed."

The third rat tuts. "I've had enough of you two poofs. I'm going home to shag the cat."


Hip hip, hooray!!!

Three cheers for the bear!! Seems Keith "whats a modem?" Groves has finally sussed this whole malarkey out and is ready, sorry has, "popped ma blog cherry".

Now then Groves, no swearing please, it appears we have some lovely ladies reading the site. And a scary tatooed man.

At last.........

Well after weeks and months (well days) of technical difficultes i finally arrive on the now infamous burnleywallet blog site.

Ruxspin 3:16 has arrived!

German Drunk Game

Use your mouse to keep him balanced....genius. Click to play.


Hey Pete, who's the fit birds commenting on your posts?

Tuesday, June 22

Teddy Ruxpin

OK, no more Teddy Ruxpin nonsense.

Well, until Tommy Dickfingers stops being funny.


We need to keep tabs on our drinking for this here Blog.

Some sort of mobile phone based recording for each drink would be nice. We can then see just how much more than the national average we are drinking each week.

Freja Svea

As if the story of Freja Svea coming aground Redcar wasn't interesting enough boyos. Just reading this little snippet. This was the day before it got stuck on the rocks.

"The crew of the Hartlepool Lifeboat, (The Scout, 44-018) must have been very thankful when their Waveney successfully self-righted itself after twice capsizing while on service to the tanker Freja Svea on the 28th February 1993.

Crew member, Robert Maiden, was washed overboard during the first capsize and spent 35 minutes in the water before being picked up safely by a RAF helicopter. Otherwise the crew only suffered some minor injuries.

The lifeboat did sustain some damage mainly to its communications, though it was structurally intact and seaworthy."

Oh and before you start singing's the true lyrics...

Down on the beach on 1st of March in Ninety Three
I got some news for you man there’s something in the sea
The kids are there but Mum don’t mind
They’ll remember this for all their time

There’s a ship stuck on the rocks
Down in Redcar Bay
To see it with your own two eyes
Will take your breath away
There’s a ship stuck on the rocks
Surrounded by the grey
97,000 tonnes
They call her Freja Svea

On her way back to set sail, but she’s been lead astray
We read the papers, see the news and don’t know what to say
The black and red in the midnight sky
She disappeared overnight


I suggest we ban all talk of Teddy R (Didn't he used to manage Doom in WCW?) from now on. I'm starting to do my own head in. Its Tommy Dickfingers all the way now.


What were the inventors of Ruxpin on? Have you read the What Creature is what page? Jesus Christ.


It swept England aside in Euro 2000 I seem to recall. Oh no it was Englands most underrated player Phil Neville forgetting what sport he was playing.

Still feel bad.......

Still feeling the after effects of Chilean Chardonnay/England's win.

Starting to get the negative thoughts in my head.

What if Croatia really were totally naff?
What if Rooney's legs fall off?
What if Heskey has a stormer in training on Thursday morning?

Quite happy to stop the tournament now, if you don't mind. Not sure I can manage another Argentina/Germany/Liechtenstein thriller.

PS: Isn't Roo-mania a country already?

Strange Dream

I had a strange dream the other night, told Victor from Big Bro that rat joke I've been whoring round and he found it just as funny as everyone else.

The morning after.......

Just got up with the best white wine induced hangover ever.

Monday, June 21

England v Croatia, Full Time

The best England performance since the 5-1 against Germany? No. But they did the job better than they usually do. Cue a Cristiano Ronaldo inspired backlash from Portugal. Rooney was superb though, Gascoigne, Shearer and Owen rolled into one.


By the way, white wine and peanut M & M's do NOT mix. But I presume they give you very strange dreams.

Wayne Rooney


Fatal Error!

Apparently Tommy le Dickfingres has to be invited by you again to "lose ma blog cherry" as he so eloquently put it. So if you don't mind.

Re: Teddy Ruxpin

Yeah, but I can remember actually watching it. I was about 8 or 9 I think. I remember thinking, "Oh look, there's Dickfingers."

I Can't Get Enough...

...of the teddy Ruxpin theme tune. Its the best cartoon theme tune I've heard. Altogether now..."Come dream with me toniiiiight..."

Sunday, June 20

Portugal v Spain, Full Time

Had enough of Lawrenson. Pressed the red button and listened to the Radio 5 commentary instead.

After ten minutes of thinking, Jonathan Pearce came up with the same Juliet Bravo gag! Great minds think alike, I'm sure you'll agree.

Anyhow, the the last half hour with Alan Green. Pure drama, probably the best commentator at the moment.

Portugal v Spain, Half Time

Villain of the Day: Mark Lawrenson, for his truly diabolical "Raul Bravo? He's playing more like Juliet Bravo!"

I bet even Liverpool fans hate this man. I know I do.

Teddy Ruxpin

Well, you see, Keith bears (I crack meself up sometimes...bears.....hahahah) a striking resemblance to Teddy more here.

Make sure you check out the theme tune......its fantastic!! Straight off the White Album that is.

Watch this Blog for a rapid Harold Bishop response....I look nothing like him. Honest.

Peter's In

I'm in as well, just the tape based teddy bear to come now.

Mikey Here

Well I'm logged on dudes, dunno about you guys.

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